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Healthcare is my passion. Whether nursing a patient at the bedside, operating a nursing department as a clinical manager, attending board meetings as a Chief Nurse Executive, or volunteering in a medical missionary outreach in Africa, I truly can attest to the satisfaction of my profession. With over thirteen years of experience in healthcare, medical-legal consulting is a culmination of my profession.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Neurosciences from the University of California in Riverside, my accelerated nursing degree from Samuel Merritt College in Oakland, and my dual degree in Masters of Science in Nursing Administration and Health Care Administration with high honors from California State University Long Beach.

As former Chief Nurse Executive and department director, I can address operational and organizational issues that a clinical nurse cannot such as staffing, regulations, accreditations, chain of command, and policy and procedure for standards of care. I can identify deviations from care against established standards with supporting research and relevant information.

As an active clinician, I can quickly decipher and translate medical records, organize patient charts, and simplify the complexities of medical information. With an eagle eye approach, I can save you time and money by screening cases before you pay to send them to expensive medical experts.

My educational background in neurosciences and dual master’s degree in nursing and health care administration qualifies me to speak of not only medical and nursing issues, but also personnel, organization, and the intricacies of healthcare systems.

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As a consultant, I can be your right hand to all your medical-legal needs and help you achieve success.

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